If youre in the middle of the school year, it may take several days to see results. Ill keep trying because thats what we do. And the only way to fix it is to start over from the beginning. 2022 Smart Classroom Management - All Rights Reserved, How To Handle Aggressively Disrespectful Students, The One Best Strategy For Difficult And Challenging Students, How To Improve Behavior By Doing This One Thing, One Thing You Must Ask Yourself Before Next School Year, My Number One Goal On The First Day Of School, offered rewards in exchange for good behavior, http://www.smartclassroommanagement.com/2014/09/20/why-most-difficult-students-just-need-good-classroom-management/, The Smart Classroom Management Plan for High School Teachers. In order for me to give you accurate and reliable advice on a situation that is so specific, Id have to speak with you. . Then a few more students will join in support. The VP and I have tried to split the problem students up by moving their seats to other tables with no good results. I guess I do need support in how to alter the dynamic and realise gaining control takes several approaches. I teach 9th and 10th grade, and Im in my first year. I explained to the students that I teach elementary and middle school students and adults in basic education and GED classes. I was offended when the writer of the article said, you dont have a problem with 6 students, youve got a classroom management problemummm, sorry but no. Do you have a camera in my classroom? That said, every child comes to a school with the goal to learn and has a right to do so in a safe environment. I want to refine this workshop format rather than scrap it. I said it before and after this article I say it again. Establish your authority from the beginning of class. allnurses is a Nursing Career & Support site for Nurses and Students. As long as youre consistent, and have some way of contacting parents, you should be okay. Here is my challenge: I am a volunteer for a business consulting nonprofit that offers a lot of seminars at fairly low prices. Follow your policy and procedures? you offer the advice. And I have a lot reading to do as I delve into the archives of the Smart Classroom Management website. Set an Agenda for Each . Often students will follow your lead. Use the following five tips in this article to help you combat classroom disruptions and deal with those difficult students. Will do. I deal with it a lot in middle school- :(((. Im so sorry youre struggling. We suggest consulting with a school administrator or counselor for the next steps. The principal, superintendent, and school board need to back the teachers. Having good rapport is important, but its only part of the equation. It also means having a productive learning environment where students can be themselves without fear of being ridiculed. Those disrespectful learners say that I cant teach and thats why they behave so badly. Also, Im always available for personal coaching. I often say in difficult moments, I am the oldest one in the room, so were gonna do things my way. Empathy can be really helpful to address behavior problems in students. 15. They sent poison pen anonymous letters about my colleague and me to the executive director. Is it bad of I continue to send a lot of kids to the dean? This is particularly effective in managing the Take Over student, since their behavior is usually a result of feeling like no one is in charge of the group. Non judge mental, but they have t step outside while the rest of the class is supportive. It's probably all ego with the adult students unfortunately! The biggest issue in the American education system is RESPECT. What particular steps should be taken to deal with this? The truth is, when you have several or more students who consistently disrupt learning and behave disrespectfully, its a sign youve lost control of your classor never had it to begin with. It would be good if you had welfare support for these children to do a check in before they entered the class to ensure their day was going to be successful. In fact, once your reputation is established you wont get challenged as much. Thank goodness for my other classes. I love If you take my time, I will take yours.. I live for my work but I am feeling so disheartened for working hard and failing so hard too! It also sets the stage for correcting individuals as necessary. This often means taking a cooling period before saying or doing something one might regret. I warned about 5 students, and I only had to dismiss 2 from the group for a few minutes. What really upsets me is that small talk behind someones back for something I could have been helped with by having a word before taking the issue to admin. One or two disrespectful students are hard enough. We arent allowed to assign school detentions. Praise Good Behavior It is so hard to teach like this. A more indirect approach may be better. As I should but I see a large wave of parents doing everything for their children. Try a behavior management plan for routine rule-breakers to track progress and call attention to issues. We have to do something. That the classroom rules and procedures are for everyone and everyone is expected to follow them. My advice is. If students are talking during my lecture, I ask them to share with the class what they were discussing, because it must be far more important than what I'm saying. i unfortunately have to sit next to the disrespectful kids in 5 of my classes and they greatly distract the class. As frustrations arise, remember that it is up to you to decide how you are going to handle them. Change the World, by Dan Spalding, 2014 Jossey-Bass, San Francisco] is from a chapter on managing a class. This brings me to problem 2: preparedness. If you are dealing with students who question your expectations, explain why their behavior is damaging to themselves and others, and work with them to correct it. We have more behavior problems than ever before and no one is holding parents accountable! Indeed, I would avoid having administration talk to your class. Other core academic teachers had 50-60 in their classes, with not everyone even having a desk to sit in. Consequences should fit the behavior and not appear to be payback for other issues in the class, etc. Disrespectful behavior in the classroom can be verbal or nonverbal. It will also include actionable, documentable (ie paper or e-mail) outcomes that every one can read and ask questions about. In Four Tips for Dealing with Difficult Students, March 26, 2010, Jason Ebbeling and Brian Van Brunt suggest taking a collaborative approach using four principlesExpress Empathy, Develop Discrepancy, Avoid Argumentation, and Roll with Resistanceto acknowledge a problem and work with a student to correct it. Second, when there is a problem in the schools, whether it be bullying or just general misbehavior, administrators dont know what they are supposed to do. I went home feeling defeated, yet, knowing there had to be a better way. This article as the majority I have read about Ed in the States is the same. I work at an alternative school ( kids come to me when they get kicked out of their regular schools for drugs, gang stuff, bad behavior, etc). When I tell them Id like to treat the class the same, they lecture me on different needs, IEPs , This is a topic already on the list of future articles. Still, the author acknowledges, even when an instructor does everything right, there is a potential for a student to be disruptive. No matter how dynamic the lesson I make it, they would prefer to play up. It really sucks all joy from teaching. Before long, just one of your most difficult students will turn things around. Encouraging the child when they are working on a task. Come on guys, and then we where able to proceed. How about if they begin to throw paper airplanes across the room or take off their shoes and start throwing them at other students? To my surprise, asking the unprepared ones to leave before they took up too much time from the whole class, also reflected poorly on me, at least in the eyes of a couple of people who wrote in their reviews that I didnt make everyone feel equally welcome. Those were the people who were also not prepared, but they fudged the truth to get closer to the requirements, and stayed, although they clearly did not enjoy it as much as the target attendees. It does not address the issue in a practical way with ideas/strategies a teacher can use in the scenario that is raised in the article. Semester before this one was absolute h*ll. I can tell from your email that you havent yet had the time to learn our unique approach to classroom management. I suppose all you can do as a last resort is explain your qualifications, and the fact you're a native speaker or have lots more experience than them and that they're the student and they're there to learn or something. The article was in response to a question from a reader, and I answered it as directly as I could. 'Difficult' students may have difficulty trusting adults and authority figures, perhaps because they have been jilted in the past. This gives me time to get the class calm and refocused, then let the student refocus before returning. For specific solutions to tailored to your situation, you would need to sign up for personal coaching. Further, a CM Plan is important, to be sure, but only a small part of effective classroom management. The problem students continue to disrupt. Disruptive and uncooperative behavior can sometimes be due to a lack of awareness or forethought. .do a Google search of "accountability" and put a lesson together that addresses all of your issues under the guise of the "accountability" lesson. Making one student who doesnt belong in class unhappy is much better than disappointing the rest of the class. Good to hear from you again. I used to hold them after class for 30 seconds and that was pretty effective, but the principal says I cannot do that. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Your email address will not be published. As a teacher, you are faced with various challenges daily. Since 1997, allnurses is trusted by nurses around the globe. It will give you a good picture of the entire concept. He was lecturing them, counseling them, and giving them pep-talks. She had her MOTHER come in and harangue the program director about it!!!! 7. 30+). They wipe out intrinsic motivation and label students as difficult, which becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Any suggestions? Separate behaviour from person. My lessons are always carefully planned and I try to motivate their learning and encourage them to do their best. 1. Hoping to have it ready by next school year. . In order of that I remember them consequences and I ask them to chose between a good behavior or a consequece. This is a big topic that Ill put on the list of future articles. Therefore, you should exude confidence even if you don't always have an answer immediately. If we dont have our principals, VP, AP, and parents to help us?, support us?, coming back with blame onto us for poor classroom management Michael?.. Click here for more information on how to connect well with your students. 5. Ideas, anyone? Olga Gardner Galvin, I find that setting boundaries and expectations early (at the beginning of class) really is the thing that makes the most difference. Rather, just as relationship implies, it's an ongoing dialogue. Occasionally, we have to provide the big picture. I was told some of the girls in this classroom have already had their periods, in elementary school, last year during year 5, and they are the worst, but only with me. If the student repeats the comment, its important to remind them that you expect them to have more respect when talking about schoolwork. Thanks Michael!!! When I talk to them after class, I get eye rolls or rushed conversations. By offering positive reinforcement going forward you teach the student that being respectful of their classmates and the class is acceptable. With about 3.8 million kids having attended public school kindergartens in the US, it is quite tricky to lack some students that have a tendency of talking nonstop and in the process distracting their fellow students from concentrating on their studies. Remember, a classroom management plan is important, but its a small part of effective classroom management. This information is perfect in our current environment of inclusion as the rights of the majority of well behaved students from many cultural backgrounds cannot be set aside to placate special interest groups in a way that demoralizes them and the rest of us. Thanks for the encouragement. I think she really scared the students. You don't have to agree with everything that comes out of a difficult conversation. There are also articles that deal with this in the Difficult Student category. Know when to consult with a school administrator or counselor for the next steps for your student. Is this standard? I taught 50 min classes in which we never got anything done for me having to call parents in the middle of class (which is what I was told to do by admin & why not, Im not able to teach, anyway) or having to have someone come & remove them from my class. If you havent done so already, please join us. When you get a chance, please spend some time in our archive, where youll find nearly 500 articles describing our approach. For example, "I appreciate that you're interested in me but that's a bit too personal so I'm not going to answer it.". Bring difficult students close to you Bring badly behaved students close to you. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The article is a brief summary of our approach. Our approach to classroom management has been proven to turn around any group of studentsno matter how disrespectful or ill-behaved. Should we be able to achieve success? Try to understand the other person's point of view. Am I correct? Don't get caught up in their emotional state, it is not your job to counsel students. Don't get into arguments. Have you tried any of these techniques for classroom management for adults in the past? Teach Your Students. A third reason why all-knowing students are difficult to manage in the classroom is because of their potential to disrupt what would otherwise be an orderly environment. So maybe 5 students have normal families, are not at risk, and do not have any other issue as far as special ed or etc. You pay for each class and get nothing when you aren't there.". You can do it! Day 2, all students were back in class and participated to some degree. This Article didnt really explain anything. Im in a small school where these students cannot be broken up into different classes. The short and concise How to Deal With Difficult Students lists eight pieces of advice, all useful considerations, from Never attack the student, to Listen and validate, to Draw a line, with the advice to focus on the behavior, not on the student.. ), your plan has been taught and retaught to the class and individual students multiple times, and a student (or a few students) still makes a choice to misbehave (they are human beings with a free will just like you) it is necessary to engage in what the literature refers to as Tier 2 support. I found the Smart Classroom Management website, again. To do this, you need to have a one-on-one with every member of the group, just like this . I do agree but on top of all the hard time I am having, someone blew the whistle on me after seeing a set of rules which I had gone over and explained by using positive words and phrases full of Dos, no DONTs. 5 students are ADD/504. Determining the cause can help teachers proactively meet student needs, while remaining in control and avoiding inadvertently . Don't ignore the problem. Keep students accountable for their actions by allowing them to take ownership of what happened and not blame others. In fact, they relish being sent out. Lastly, continue to follow through with admins (once each week or once every other week) because theyre busy professionals just like you with lots on their plates as well. Why do I stay employed here? Ive tried to follow these strategies and they have helped considerably however at our school, I cant send notes home without involving the leadership and now they have come up with a different system that I have to follow for warnings and timeouts. The students laughed when I dismissed the helping teacher from the group, and I gave those students a warning. Celebrating Successes. Three of them are identified as gifted but have no self control or boundaries. The article is a broad overview of our approach to difficult students. Furthermore, they tend to address basic disrespectful actions, and hardly address what to do when the disrespect is awful and administration hardly helps; when calling parents gets you nowhere because the parents are unreliable and have similar issues themselves. Instructors should work hard to create an environment in which students feel comfortable learning. See if you can create a student-teacher . Has 23 years experience. I was hoping this article would help, but the title is misleading. Introduces themselves, Why do you think that weve not already done that? Hi Michael, 30 Posts. Any suggestions or strategies on how to deal with an idiot of a boss and team and if anyone has strategies on teaching these tough kids who hate school would be much appreciated. By keeping calm and not yelling back, you can help prevent a greater issue from happening. You may even get considerable pushback, especially from the core of disrespectful students who have grown accustomed to having their way and dictating the environment of the class. I can easily relate to anger but I feel drained when I have to deal with attitude. John is a joy to have in class. Day after day, this teacher was pulling them aside for one-on-one talking-tos. Would you want someone speaking to you like this? My principal is very supportive and removes her as soon as I call. ; I explained the directions; I asked if anyone didnt understand; I told them how long they had to work on the task; and then You may be begin, now. Then I walked away and let them complete the task. In searching for material on this topic, I discovered a site that instructors might find useful in general for teaching: 4Faculty.org. I can choose which hill I want to die on. In Part 3 of the series I will discuss what to do when your strong defense just isnt enough and now you need some offensive tactics. They are so helpful. Be consistent: Develop a plan and communicate consequences to students upfront. Thanks, Michael. Most distressing, when hed confront them or attempt to hold them accountable, they would become disrespectful. From my teaching experience thus far, student-teacher ratio is staying at the top of my list for a realistic classroom management plan to truly be effective. The 7 Rules Of Handling Difficult Students Rule #1: Don't question. We get the same response, apathy, they just dont care about school. Planning for a response to a student who is being disrespectful can help you keep your cool during an intense situation. 1. Time after time, it has paid off. I have implemented your system multiple times keeping everyone accountable to NO avail. For example, if a student rolls his eyes at you, calling him out in front of everyone may not be an effective consequence. We call parents into meetings? You can work together as a team with co-workers who also teach the same subject by brainstorming ideas and trying different things to see if they work. Its my pleasure, Sarah! The student that wants you to confirm every step (if not necessary) will continue to expect confirmation if the teacher complies with each request. Often the beginning of the term, the first two weeks, is great! Everyone wants to hear positive things about their children. The vast majority of teachers care deeply for and about their students. Classroom management for adults doesnt have to be a challenge; by creating an environment from the beginning where those behaviors are not tolerated, they just dont appear as often. Staying calm is crucial when responding to difficult content questions. Thank you for all you do to help teachers! Each new Trimester I give students homework the first day to create a class rule. Don't try to reason or make an emotional appeal when the child is too angry to process it. All I can tell you is that (heavens be praised!) A couple rules is all you need (unless you actually need more). Classroom Management for Art, Music, and PE Teacher was written especially for teachers who see students only once a week. Center for Educational Resources, Your email address will not be published. The student was a grown woman. It is so frustrating reading about management plans and trying them out and in the end feeling like a crap teacher because some students make the decision every single day to misbehave. In addition, some parents dont know how to teach their kids to respect adults. No amount of negative consequences matter. Even though I do this every time Im in the classroom, some days are more difficult then others. I am only one teacher of middle school . I came back a minute before time was up and regained their attention to discuss the lesson. I noticed those that are more disruptive want the wired consquences. I have a handle on the three to four who are the ring leaders, and you are right private conversations only backfire. When dealing with a difficult student situation: Don't personalize the situation: take a breath and look at the situation as objectively as possible. That said, if you are consistently following through with your classroom management plan (and you must be brutally honest with yourself on that consistency point! By sharing your experiences with other teachers, you can both help yourselves by providing support and ensuring the safety of students in your building. I have a you take my time I take yours policy. My classroom is currently at 28, and your response caught my attention as we indeed have 6 very disrespectful and emotionally challenged students, all of which are boys, with a few challenging girls as well. Still can't fathom why that woman still has a job as an instructor. Everybodys class and school culture is not the same. As for the belief that nothing can be done, I know this isnt true. The acts like having food while class is going on, trying to attain the teacher s or instructor s attention by talking loudly or questioning a lot, using gadgets and showing disrespect can be a few of them, which can be very difficult to deal with. End the conversation. For details on everything from how to talk to difficult students to how to motivate them to want to listen and learn, please refer to the Difficult Student category of the archive. So much can be lost in translation when conversing electronically. . Then another. This happens to a lot of us we go to an SST or an IEP and we are told to implement a reward system it is like to me dealing with terrorists. I couldnt agree more. We are planning a classroom management plan ebook for middle and high school teachers. Ideas? Verify minimum requirements. Your stress will fall away. After reading your response to this email I was curious to know, how to handle six disrespectful students, out of how many exactly? One of those can be dealing with disrespectful students. They would talk back and then goof off when sent to time-out. Rule #7: Don't ignore misbehavior. What do you do when a student calls you a stupid old hag? Or fails to complete an assignment that was due last week? My suggestion is not to produce so many books for teachers but for students and families. I find this article overly simplistic. Understanding and defining the motivations and behaviors of difficult students is the first step in coping with the situation. Below is a list of 20 effective strategies for dealing with difficult students: Remember that a student is not going out of his or her way to be disrespectful. First, consider the only way to understand any person is to recognize you and they are first and foremost individuals with rights, and a common goal when entering the classroom. 4 steps to handle challenging students. 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